October 2016 Tech/PBL Teacher



Mrs. Elizabeth Mumme, English teacher at CHS, has been chosen as one of the Tech/PBL teachers for the month of October. This is Mrs. Mumme’s first year of teaching and she says so far she has “fallen in love with this job, despite the trials and tribulations experienced by a first year teacher.”  Mrs. Mumme teaches four sections of English II, one section of English IV, and a literary genres class.

Mrs. Mumme uses technology in her English classes each day. She believes that technology is the cornerstone for student discovery in the many research activities in which her students participate. Part of the technology she uses is Google Classroom. She uses Google Classroom to flip her classroom curriculum. She posts important announcements about activities in class as well as assignments that need to be turned in electronically. She feels that “technology goes hand in hand with a PBL classroom atmosphere.”  

During the first six weeks, one of her English classes produced a presentation intended to educate an audience in the major concepts discussed in class. The English II driving question for the unit was: How can we, as campaign managers, promote a candidate that best advocates for Elie Wiesel’s message in the novel Night. In order to successfully complete this project, the students had to read the novel, understand the major literary elements at work in the novel, and be able to infer authors purpose and message through analyzing theme. Groups could pick any mode of presentation to present their ideas to a public audience. Groups could choose to make a campaign commercial, an informative power point presentation, campaign poster, etc. A list of candidates was provided for them to choose from to avoid sole research on finding candidates, and to give groups a direction. As well as presenting their candidates to their classmates and audience, the students had to prove and constantly connect back to Elie Wiesel’s message in Night. In this unit project, there were nine benchmarks in the form of comprehension checks as well as two major essays for checkpoints. A mini project was also completed during the unit in which groups had to present a presentation on Hitler’s rise to power.

In Mrs. Mumme’s English IV class the driving question for the unit was: How can we, as fan fiction writers, use the themes and characters discovered in Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales, to come up with our own works of art? Every assignment completed in class somehow contributed to their fan fiction end products. Most groups chose to make a video in which they constructed a new plot while using the same themes and characters from Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales. Being able to do this project required the students to thoroughly explore and investigate the different themes and characters so that they can effectively apply them to their story. 


Second grade teachers at Ramirez Burks Elementary, Belinda Carrillo, Graciela Gonzalez, San Juanita Sobrevilla, Brady Kuenstler, and Mia Pulido, have also been chosen as Tech/PBL teachers for the month of October.

Their PBL was titled: THE MIGHTY CITIZENS OF RBE. The Driving Question was “How can we as students show good citizenship through examples of truthfulness, respect, justice, equality, and responsibility in everyday life?”

The PBL focused on citizenship and good character traits. Students focused on the need and importance of following rules within the community and in the classroom. Students had to create a new classroom rule to add to the already existing list of classroom rules. Students broke into groups to create a new classroom rule. They then had to create a poster board or power point explaining/highlighting their new rule and how that rule would benefit their class. Each group member had a specific role/duty assigned to help complete the group task. Upon completion of the PBL, the class voted and a new classroom rule was chosen. Students were also given the opportunity to present their PBL to a community member from the local sheriff’s office and/or administration office.

Students participated in a personal reflection piece about the PBL and discussed their own personal thoughts about the PBL and how they felt it went, what part of the PBL they didn’t like, and what they personally learned from participating in the PBL. 


 First grade teachers at Ramirez Burks Elementary, Elva Barrios, Vanessa Perez, Valerie Perez, Jennifer Garcia, and Bryancy Adams, have also been chosen as Tech/PBL teachers for the month of October. First grade students used their iPads to research information about safety and rules in school. Their Driving Question was: “What rules and consequences should we have at Ramirez Burks Elementary to ensure student safety?”

Students brainstormed and chose their rules based on keeping students safe in school. The students were grouped and chose a location in the school to create a list of rules. They also created a video using the Educreations app and presented it to their peers. 

To view some of the presentations please click on the links below:

https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/playground-rules/40132577/?s=bEZDsq&ref=link https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/cafeteria-rules/40131814/?s=xY8TQ7&ref=link https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/hallway-rules/40131742/?s=aTE0K0&ref=link https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/library-rules/40131687/?s=mXNTmG&ref=link https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/playground-rules/40016094/?s=frchTT&ref=link https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/library-rules/40014554/?s=9lZ6qC&ref=link