December 2016 Tech/PBL Teacher



     Mr. George Martinez, 8th grade science teacher at Newman Middle School, has been chosen as one of the Tech/PBL teachers for the month of December. 

     Mr. Martinez’ students were studying the periodic tends on the Periodic Table. Knowing these patterns and trends will help students understand why the Periodic Table is arranged the way it is.  Students had to choose an element of their choice and based on its location on the Periodic Table, they would create their product. 

Product ideas were:

                                      * biography or autobiography

                                      * a childrens book

                                      * facebook page

                                      * poem or song

                                      * case file

                                      * collage/picture book

                                      * interview

                                      * webpage

                                      * wanted poster




     Third grade teachers, Christina Yanez and Diana Rodriguez have also been chosen as Tech/PBL teachers for the month of December. 

     Mrs. Yanez & Mrs. Rodriguez had their students complete a PBL titled, “Math Pizza Fractions.” They told their students a story about a family of five and how they had a one income household. the parents wanted to reward the children for all of their hard work in school but needed to find a way to do that on a budget. Their favorite food was pizza.

     Mrs. Yanez and Mrs. Rodriguez gave their students the following Driving Question: How can we as problem solvers design a pizza that will satisfy the cravings of all the members of the Gonzalez family at once?

     The pizza had to represent at least five different fractions using different toppings. Students needed to include a key that represented each one of the different fractions of the pizza and the toppings that are included in those fractions. They also had to find equivalent fractions for all of the different fractions represented in their pizza.