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Francisco Guerra

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Contact Info:


About Me

Educational History:


Concordia University-Austin
                   Master of Education- Educational Administration Emphasis 2010-2011
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
                   Bachelor of Fine Art 1996 - 2001
Freer High School


Degrees and Certifications:

SBEC Certification
Principal Grades (EC-12) 
Special Education Grades (EC-12) 
All-Level Art Grades (PK-12) 

Professional Development:

Lead4Ward Data Analysis Training 2014
PBL/ELM Engage 2 Learn Protocols Course 2014

McKinney ISD Aspiring Administrators Institute 2014
 McKinney Innovative Team 2013-2015
 McKinney ISD Mentor Quarterly 2013-2015
 MISD Middle School Lead 2009 - 2014
 MISD Visual Art Curriculum Redesign 2010-2011
 MISD Rosetta Stone Site Director 2007 - 2014
 PD Innovative Lesson Design-Representing MISD for Garland ISD 2014
 SIOP Strategies for MISD Fine Art Educators 2012
 MISD Visual Art Curriculum Redesign 2010

MISD Teacher of the Year Selection Committee
 2014 Academic UIL District Champions
 2013 Academic UIL District Champions
2013 McKinney ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year
2013 Faubion Middle School Teacher of the Year
 Selected by MISD Communications Department in the “Play at Work” promotion

Current Position:

May 20, 2014
As an effective Assistant Principal, it is extremely important to understand and have the ability to implement the campus principal’s leadership style and educational point of view. Every decision is an extension of the campus vision. Administrators should help create a culture that celebrates growth, teaches leadership, implements new programs, manages behavior and enables learning throughout every classroom by maintaining a fully functional facility. An Assistant Principal should be a trustworthy candidate who may proxy for the Campus Principal at any given moment.
I am a graduate of Concordia University-Austin where I received a Master’s in Education with a focus on educational administration. My master’s thesis was a comprehensive study in the area of At-Risk and Low Socio-Economic students. The study gave the reader in depth instructional strategies and necessary tools to maximize full educational potential.
I am currently gaining administrative work experience as an assistant principal intern for McKinney ISD’s summer school program. During this period I have organized data including SSI, SPED, and ESL accommodations and STAAR test results in order for teachers to implement appropriate learning strategies for students who have yet to pass the STAAR exam. I’ve had the opportunity to conference with parents, central office staff, and campus administrators in preparation of upcoming exams and current instructional planning for sixth and seventh grade students who need to strengthen reading and math. I’ve run attendance checks and notified home campuses of attendance concerns.
As a MISD district leader I have had to opportunity to be part of many prominent roles including Strategic Planning Committee Member, District Innovative Team, and Master Teacher Mentor Program. Among all of these opportunities, I am most fond of the prospect I had to help restructure the McKinney ISD art curriculum and I was able to design a six week course called SIOP strategies for the Fine Art Teacher. This course helped art teachers from the district develop new instructional techniques using the best SIOP strategies. McKinney ISD has most recently given me the distinct privilege in representing my campus and my district as the 2013 MISD Secondary Teacher of the Year.
As an educator, I strongly believe students primarily need to have an atmosphere that is caring, secure and extremely stimulating in order to mature and excel emotionally, intellectually, and socially. In our competitive society it is important for students to receive a solid education, and work with teachers who are aware and sensitive to their individual needs. Students need professionals who can convey the importance of self-education, determination, rigor and success.
As an Assistant Principal it will be my primary goal to assist my campus administrator in reaching all short term and long term goals set to help all students achieve their full potential. I am confident my references, who are also my educational mentors would attest in my qualities and my ability to impact a campus and school district.
Frank Guerra, M. Ed.

Family Information:

I have been married for thirteen years to Lucy Cantu Guerra who is also originally from Freer, TX.  We have one child who is ten and his name is Andru.  I have an eleven year old Party Coat Cocker Spaniel and a guinea pig named Zackiepoo.  

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