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"Bill of Rights" PBL

PBL: Bill of Rights

Teacher: Mrs. Mindy Oster


Mrs. Oster’s Social Studies class completed a PBL titled, “Bill of Rights.”  The driving question for the PBL was, “As historians, how can we create a lesson and lesson plan to teach the Bill of Rights to 3rd graders?” 

After students learned about the Constitution, they began to learn about the Bill of Rights and how it affects their lives today. Students individually researched different amendments for their groups and took notes to be included for their project. They then worked together to create their presentation. The presentations required a lesson plan template to be filled out and a presentation that would explain each amendment in 3rd grade terms and explain why it matters today.  Students used online resources such as Brittanica School Online and Online Textbooks. 

Mrs. Oster’s students then visited Mrs. Murdoch’s 3rd grade Social Studies classes and presented their projects, which included posters, coloring books, books, songs and even a Spongebob Squarepants themed iMovie.