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4th Grade Math: Toy PBL

4th Grade Math: Toys & Decimals PBL


     Mrs. Alicia Reyna & Mrs. Kourtnie Martinez, 4th grade teachers at Ramirez Burks Elementary, recently had their students complete a PBL titled, “Toys & Decimals.” 

     The Driving Question was: “How can we, as consumers, use toy prices to learn about decimals?”

     Students converted the toy prices into decimals and then compared and ordered the decimals. Students also represented the decimals in different forms including standard, expanded, and written form. The students also added and subtracted decimals and represented the decimals on a number line.  The toys students chose were then purchased and donated to a needy family. 

Toy PBL  Toy PBL




Toy PBL Worksheet 1  Toy PBL Worksheet 2


Toy PBL Worksheet 3   Toy PBL Worksheet 4


Toy PBL Worksheet 5