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Educational Philosophy


I believe each student is a unique individual; who needs to have a secure, caring, challenging environment that will allow them to grow and develop emotionally, intellectually, and socially.  Over the years as an educator, the main goal that I have had with each of my students is to have them reach their fullest potential by proving a safe, supportive, sharing of ideas that allow the students to take risks, by thinking outside the box to solve problems inside; as well as, outside the school atmosphere.  This is done allowing students to use their own curiosity to direct their learning, and be respectful to others.

The teacher’s role is to be a facilitator and a guide by providing the guidelines for students to access information; rather than be a primary source of information for the students’ knowledge.   The role of the student is to construct their own knowledge and discover for themselves through the use of hands-on-activities that promotes real life situations with the academic skills being taught.   Thus allowing students the opportunities for individual discoveries and construction of the knowledge of each lesson, and it reinforces it in a practical manner to develop self-discovery about the lesson and themselves.  At the same time, student helping other students to respect them self, others, and create a learning environment that is open to sharing ideas.  In doing so creates and foster the idea of being a line long learner.