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Suellen Obregon

Miss Suellen Obregon’s 

5th Grade  

English Language Arts Class 

October 9-31 2017

For the month of October our students will be working on their Wickely Witty Wrters PBL. In groups, students will create a short story, autobiography, or biography of their choice.  This project is intended to allow our students to be creative, while at the same time, learning about the writing process and the conventions of the English language.  ALL students have been provided with a PBL packet which explains the project in detail. The packet  incuded a calandar of events and a list of the assignment grades that will be collected during the duration of the project. The final project is due on Oct. 27th.  If you have any questions about this project feel free to email me at 


October 2-13th

Students are currently working on improving their grammar and spelling skills in order to effectivly commicate their ideas through writing. In class students will be working collaboratively to improve their craft through the research based Fisher-Reynal Model of Interactive Writing. 

September 18-29th 

For the next two weeks, our fifth graders will be creating their very own graphic novels. These novels are inspired by their own personal experiences and spiced up with the creativity that only children can possess. I encourage you to ask your child about their novel and their own writing process. The children have been working dilgently  and I am sure they will be excited to share their stories with loved ones. 

 Students will be graded on spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity of ideas,  and story plot elements. Our graphic novels are due on Septemeber 29, 2017.

Our first spelling test will be on September 29.

List is forthcoming. 


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me 


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