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District Goals

Making a Difference: One Child at a Time”


Cotulla Independent School District




Cotulla ISD will design engaging academic work for students and lead them to meet and exceed high academic and community standards.


Mission Statement

Cotulla ISD will have every student in every classroom engaged in meaningful and challenging learning experiences.


District Goals


District Goal 1

Cotulla ISD will ensure that all students master rigorous academic standards that prepare them for higher education and post high school experiences through a challenging curriculum and engaging instruction so as to meet or exceed all state and federal standards for academic excellence.


District Goal 2

Cotulla ISD will continue to close the achievement gap between minority, special education, economically disadvantaged, limited English proficient, at-risk, and other students.


District Goal 3

Cotulla ISD will provide a safe school environment that fosters mutual respect of all stakeholders.


District Goal 4

Cotulla ISD will enhance and enrich the education of students by increasing opportunities for parental involvement.


District Goal 5

Cotulla ISD will ensure the recruitment, development, retention, and support of exceptional, motivated, highly qualified faculty and staff to optimize student engagement and achievement.


District Goal 6

Cotulla ISD will enhance two –way communication within the district and throughout the community to foster a positive climate for a united staff and community serving in the best interest of all children.


District Goal 7

Cotulla ISD will align and invest resources to ensure that students, parents, and the community receive exceptional educational services.