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Congratulations to Victoria Gonzalez!


 Victoria Gonzalez placed 2nd at the State Meet in Waco, Tx. She posted lifts of 535 on squat , 275 on bench and 435 on dead lift for s total of 1245 pounds! She represented Cotulla very well!​



TSIA will be available in April 2019.   The TSIA is required for dual-credit and college. 


See list of Scholarships on the College and Career Counseling Corner Webpage!!




STEP 1:  SAVE MONEY $$$$  One of the first steps to financing your college education is saving money.  Click on the link to find out how:Saving for College

STEP 2:  RESEARCH $$$  It is never too early to start researching scholarship information.  Students are encouraged to compile a list of scholarships from both the universities they plan to attend and from other external sources.  When reviewing university scholarships visit their website for a listing of scholarship and financial aid resources available (also research within the departments you are pursuing (i.e. engineering, music, art, etc), alumni (campus and local chapters).  Organize yourself by creating an excel sheet that list the following information:

- Name of Scholarship

- Website address/address to request scholarship application

- Deadlines (priority, hard deadline, postmark deadline)

- Requirements (essay(s), SAT/ACT scores, grade level, letter of recommendation, etc.)


STEP 3:  FAFSA (F-R-E-E Application for Federal Student Aid at  Follow these Cafe College tips

Completing the F-R-E-E Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA - ) is the first step in the financial aid process. You must fill out the FAFSA to apply for federal student financial aid, such as the Pell Grant, student loans, and college work-study. New York State and most colleges use your FAFSA to make their financial aid awards as well.

The sooner you fill out your FAFSA, the better.  Many types of financial aid are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s to your advantage to file as early as possible.  Check with your college and file in time to meet the earliest deadline. It’s important to meet all deadlines!

Click on the 5  Cafe College Links to begin your financial aid journey:

1.    Learn the Financial Aid Language

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  
  • Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA)
  • Types of Grants
  • Types of Loans
  • Work Study

2.    The FAFSA TO DO List: Before you Start

3.    The FAFSA: Things You Should Know

4.    Get the Scholarship Scoop

5.    Financial Aid Scams: How Not to Get Scammed On Your Way To College

Apply for Financial Aid Every Year!

Remember, you need to complete the FAFSA not just once, but every year you plan to attend school.  If you filled out a FAFSA the year before, you can probably use the shorter Renewal FAFSA.

FAFSA Completion Resources

Need help with the FAFSA® but don’t know where to start? Use the FAFSA Assistant for tips and advice.

Discover also has a free FAFSA assistant tool

Click on this link to access:  "AID FOR COLLEGE IN TEXAS"

By taking these steps early you will not only stay organized but also be ahead of the game.

Scholarship Scams - A good rule of thumb: If you have to pay money in order to qualify for a “scholarship program ” or a “scholarship service,” it is almost certainly a scam. Visit the Scholarship Scams page to learn more.

Netprice Calculator - What is the Netprice Calculator?  Click on this link to learn more:  NETPRICE CALC

Website to help answer questions:  Sallie Mae Resources

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High School

CHS Office Staff

Cotulla High School Office Team

Dr. Scott Norris, Principal (Ext. 2001)

Frank Guerra, Assistant Principal (Ext. 2002)

Bobbie Jo Gonzalez, Principal Secretary (Ext. 2010)

Marlene Costley-Maldonado, Counselor (Ext. 2020)

Leticia Carrizalez, Attendance Clerk (Ext. 2003)

Rashell Sanchez, PEIMS Clerk (Ext. 2004)

 Nurse (Ext. 2025)

Phone: 830-879-2374

Fax: 830-879-2618 (Counseling Center/PEIMS)

Fax: 830-879-4343 (Administrators/Secretary)



College For All Texans Website

College For All Texans offers helpful information for students and parents.

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Student Classification

Students are classified and promoted each year based on the number of credits. 

Freshmen 0 - 6.5 credits

Sophomores 7 - 13.5 credits

Juniors 14 - 20.5 credits

Seniors 21+ credits


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