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Mrs. Summers--Kinder PBL

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Mrs. Brenda Summers' Kindergarten Class.


Students watched a newscast where they were challenged to investigate whether numbers are important in our lives today or not. Students were to come back to school and prove it to the fifth grade students.  


After viewing this newscast the students went to investigate by interviewing the owners/employees at the airport, the bank, the Dairy Queen, and the Post Office. At each of these places they gathered information to help them prove that numbers are important in our lives.  They came back to the classroom and over the course of a week they watched videos from each of the places and recorded their findings on their report pages. 

Students also worked on making a book called "Numbers For Me."  In this book the students used information about themselves to show how numbers are important to each of us individually.


The next step was to work on their final group projects. Each group was given the choice of making a poster, a cheer, or a newscast. The following videos show their projects and will help the fifth grade students understand how numbers are needed in our world and each of our lives personally.